Thursday, February 26, 2009


Girls' Day Out!!!

Omg!! Bestnya cuti.... I can relax... n do whatever I wish, without ant time constrain... Lalalala...

Coincidentally, Lyn was on leave 2... So, went planned the day out... We hanged out, window shopped... Had lunch... And, do all the girly stuff...

After 'tawaf' Cineleasure & The Curve, we finally had lunch at Ketam Village, Ikano Power Centre... The main dish was- steamboat... Our favourite dish....

We ordered 2 sets of dumpling n its accompaniments- RM 9.80 each... But we refilled the soup around 3 times... LOL :)

One good thing about this place is everyone had their own 'pot'... And the soup tasted goooooooood............

Lyn & her new 'device'...
Gosh! its so canggih as it it comes with a plectrum...

Info :

A plectrum (or pick) is a small flat tool used to pluck or strum a stringed instrument eg, guitar Click here for more info on Plectrum

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

El-Azzhar Moments

Holla... M back from Team building at El-Azzhar Camp, Morib - safe n sound- in 1 piece :)

All in all, the whole program was good!!! I enjoyed each n every moment i was there. It was fun n interesting. X boring langsung...

On our way to the camp

The foods were good. We had 6 meal in a day : B'fast, Morning Teabreak, Lunch, Afternoon tea, Dinner & Supper...

Our 1st meal - Morning tea

The dinner - BBQ!! Yummy...

My luggage - I think it's a bit too much for a 2 days camp...
Nevertheless, I used all the clothes that i brought

The dorm - not too comfy, but ok lorr...

Best sgt stay ramai-ramai :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Away - Camp El Azzhar here I come

-received a letter from HR dept several weeks ago...



Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa tuan/puan telah terpilih untuk menghadiri kursus / seminar Team Building – Program Kecemerlangan Diri dan Organisasi”.

Butir-butir kursus adalah seperti berikut:

Kursus : Team Building – Program Kecemerlangan Diri dan Organisasi”.

Tarikh : 21 dan 22 Februari 2009 ( 2 hari / 1 malam)

Hari : Sabtu & Ahad

Tempat : El- Azzhar Camp, Jalan Morib Banting, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Berkenaan dengan pengangkutan untuk ke tempat kursus, pihak syarikat menyediakan bas untuk ke sana. Di mana, tuan/puan diminta berkumpul di hadapan Front Office pada pukul 7.30 (awalnya uols) pagi pada hari tersebut. bla bla bla......

Bersama – sama surat ini dilampirkan kandungan kursus / latihan tersebut untuk rujukan tuan/puan. Selain itu, tuan / puan diminta membawa segala keperluan wajib ke kursus tersebut. Berikut adalah senarainya :

1. Seluar track bottom – 2 helai atau lebih

2. T-shirt berkolar - 3 helai atau lebih

3. Kasut sukan

4. Selipar

5. Pakaian sembahyang

6. Ubat-ubatan peribadi

* lain-lain keperluan / pakaian bergantung kepada individu kerana tuan / puan akan bermalam di El-Azzhar Camp selama 1 malam.

Omg! omg! rite now i've got mixed feelings but only 2 words to describe it - EXCITED & NERVOUS!!!

Nervous coz i don't actually know what been store for us over there. I'm kinda like Azman (watak Ryzal) in Platun Satria... LOL. The vulnerable n fragile n x too fit. Aiyoo... I can't imagine how its gonna be like over there. Really scared if they leave me in the hutan in the middle of the night... Help.......

In the meantime, m really excited n enthusiastic to go. I love to try new things... I heard ada paintball n flying fox. N the foods are good, too... LOL

Whatever it is, m taking it +vely. Well, Upin & Ipin pun boleh survive dalam hutan... kannnn :) Furthermore, Lyn dah bagi moral support in her posting. Hahhahah... Thanx dear...

well, m expecting the worst n hoping 4 the best!!! Lallalalla...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ending yang Chumellls ;)

" What happens when love comes not at 1st sight but 1st bite"
- what a cute tagline...

Ending x bley bla la wei.....

Omg! the ending was so hilarious... Few times gak kena tolak by better half - every time ada part yang funny, he will push me - sebaik x jatuh katil... LOL

But then, citer ni mmg selamba, i loved the part when their daddy mentioned something like this "memang la x logic, nama pun drama melayu, kalau filem Hindistan lagi x logic" n i loved the last part when they read the script from 1 A4 paper...

Nice one la... Applause 2 the whole production team...
***clap clap***

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fish Gusto, Taipan

Attention all Fish Lovers out there!!!

It's a must for u 2 check out this place!!!

It's FISH GUSTO - a newly opened restaurant located in USJ Taipan, opposite Neeta's Herbal & Old Taste Kopitiam...

The internal deco


What we had was :
Jumbo Prawns
- Pan-grilled juicy prawns & topped with dill sauce


Classic Fish & Chips
- Deep fried fillet with topped cheese sauce

Well, next time we're gonna try :

Ocean Supreme
- Pan grilled prawns, fish & fried squid with butter rice or chips

All in all, i can conclude :

TASTE - good
DECO - cool
SERVICE - fast, friendly
PRICE - reasonable

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's with Elly

Firstly, i'd like to thank :
My ever dearest buddy, Pn. Linawati a.k.a. Elly
My beloved 'kazen', Azhan
My little cutie pies - Faaris Aqeel & Faaiq Adnan
- for coming over and joined our Valentine's Buffet Hi Tea

Pandai Faaris makan vege...

Cute little Faaiq remains clam in the stroller...

Then I was supposed to check out Sunway Pyramid, but I somehow got stuck and missed the show. Lagipun it's Valentine's Day n we haven't celebrated our anniversary yet, so I decided to go out and have dinner with better half. Nothing much to celebrate pun - just to spent sometimes together je.

Before dinner, we decide to lepak somewhere 1st, planned to check out flee market but changed our mind. Remembered Elly told us that Giant Kota Damansara is quite cool - as ada Wendy's & Jco, so we checked it out.

Suddently, while we were enjoying our ice blended at Jco, I heard a voice saying something towards us, "aku rasa hari ni jodoh aku dengan korg la"

Omg! It's Elly n Faaiq.. What a coincidence? Dahla jumpa masa hi-tea, then jumpa lagi at roundabout stadium, n now... Hahahhahaha...

Then we spent sometimes together at Jco...

Orange freeze & mochabella...

Hubs & kazen... N Faaris...

Faaris enjoying his glazier...
Yummy yummy...

Eventhough it was unplanned & unexpected, i had fun with u guys that day

orange freeze
Do check this out... Really sedap...

Tea time at Jco...

Btw, Jco came out with this new product - Pops Donuts
its RM 18 for 24 pieces - 12 flavours...

- Tirra Miss u - Why nut?

- Alcapone - Cheese Me Up

- Cruchy - Mona Pizza

- Oreo - Caviar Choco

- Heaven Berry - Caviar Mint

- Coco Loco - Mango

ps: guys, the baby changing room is located at 1st floor, taw - near surau... Lallallalala :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

♥ 6 Wonderful Years ♥

February 13th, 2009

"Every moment spent with you is a moment i treasure"

Thanx for 6 wonderful, treasurable, blessed years of marriage
Syukur... Alhamdulillah...


"I don't wanna miss 1 smile...
I don't wanna miss 1 kiss...
I just wanna be with u...
Right here with u just like this...

I just wanna hold u close...
I feel your heart so close to mine...
And just stay in this moment...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Curve with Lyn & Better Half

Well well well... Just to share what i did on one lazy Saturday...

Rite after work, went to Faculty of Architecture (FSPU), UiTM to meet Saffy. She opened a stall with her friends in conjunction with this event called 'Archi Fest'. Saf, u're so rajin la... Checked out her brownies & lemonade - the lemonade was really tasty.

Then, we headed to The Curve to get birthday present for Mother in Law. Apparently, Harvey Norman opened up concourse and i got a Jean Perry bed sheet for 70% less. Cool, huh...

Apparently, Lyn happened to be at the Curve at the moment, too. She met a friend and was about to leave when i sms her. Tp gigih gak nak teman i pg flea market... Walaupun...

Strippy day...

Offer u x resist :
Beli table cloth- free baju, kasut & suit, plus cake lagikkk... LOL

She wanted to stay longer and have steamboat but had to leave coz ada wedding to attend (wedding lagi uols LOL). Xpe dear, nanti kita pegi Flammings 2geder-geder ok... Ada orang janji nak belanja I steamboat. Tanda appologies katanya... Wonder who the person is... Kannn... Jangan nanti dia buat-buat lupa sudey.... Lalalallalalla...

Then, we went for dinner at Ikea restaurant. Lama x makan meatball & poached Salmon.

Yummy yummy...

Friday, February 6, 2009

We Care for Gaza too

Just like any other organization does, we also prepared a donation box for our customers, staff or anyone to drop their donation and do their part for Gaza.

The donation boxes were placed at the reception counter, coffee house & security post.

As usual, i was the one in charged of these boxes. What i did was, i took several photo cuttings from the newspapers and pasted it to these boxes, with the help of our practical student - Hanna. Sajer jer amek yg menyayat hati....

After a while, we finally came to the collection. The responds were ok - i can say. Not too bad nor overwhelming... Furthurmore, nama pun derma ikhlas - of course u can't FORCE people to donate, rite? And probably mostly had donated through other sources.

Collection from one of the outlet

After collection, I counted the money and handed it over to UiTM's Corporate Communication department. They will combine these donations with other donation from the whole University, including branches from all over Malaysia. The target is RM100k - almost there katanya.. Alhamdulillah...

My colleague, Sabrina yg chumells tolong kira duit collection

Apaprently, masa tengah kira duit, I found something really pethatic. This note is being scribbled. Just have a look at it. Derma ikhlas? Hello! ikhlas ker kalu conteng dkt duit??? Everyone knows that duit yang berconteng mmg x laku in Malaysia... Apa motif buat macam ni??? Might as well don't donate!!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Buffet Hi-Tea



Assorted Misclum Salad, Cold Soba Noodles Coated Soyu, Potato Onion with Bean, Risotto Aubergine, Chicken and Bean Paté, Fruits Salad, Pasta Salad, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Snow Peas with Carrot, Assorted Bean Salad, Cheese Platter with Cracker, Mix Cold Cut Display, 6 types of Dressing, 3 types of Salsa.


Green Pea and Mint Soup

(Bun, Garlic Bread & Butter)


Chicken Risotto

Pasta with Beef Bacon

Chicken Plum Sauce

Beef with Five Spices

Prawn with Asparagus

Deep Fried Crab Claw with Tartar Lemon sauce

Potato Ball with Celery Leaf

Vegetables Casserole


Assorted French Pastry, Apple Pie, Strawberry Pie, Fruits Tartlets, Deco Slice Cake, Assorted Glass Jelly, Fresh Fruits, 1 type Bubur / Pengat, Malay Kuih,

Orange Mousse / Fruits Mousse, Chocolate Brownies, Tit Bits, Crackers


Laksa Penang


Roti Jala




Stuffing Beef with Mushroom Leek Sauce Apples Vegetables Forest